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Let's not stand back and watch

In the Horn of Africa, over twenty million people are on the edge of starvation.

Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia currently face one of the most severe food crises of the last 70 years. Political instability, internal strife, and the sharp rise in global prices of food commodities and basic necessities, have compounded the effects of extreme climatic events.

As often happens, a disaster comes in the wake of a previous one, pushing already vulnerable communities ever more to the brink.

In the Horn of Africa, the uncertainty of global markets and the consequent drastic increase in the prices of basic necessities have further weakened the survival of populations already severely tested by political instability, internal conflicts, pandemics and natural disasters caused from extreme weather patterns.

Five consecutive rainy seasons have now failed. This means far too dry soil, crop failures and livestock deaths due to lack of pasture and water. And then it's the turn of the people. In areas where the populations rely heavily upon subsistence farming for their livelihood, the lack of rainfall means not enough food to fulfill their own family's alimentary needs

In the Horn of Africa, famine has begun.

Let's not stand back and watch!

For almost 40 years, CISP has operated in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia. We have experienced numerous humanitarian catastrophes throughout this long period. We did not stand back and watch. We have provided communities with access to clean water, nutritious food, and therapeutic food for children who are underweight or malnourished. To guarantee a respectable life and a good education, we have backed small enterprises and educational institutions. To provide health and cleanliness, we have constructed hospitals, health centres, and wells.

We have thus far worked to save lives and will continue to do so along the people who are striving to improve their situations. In some countries, the risk of dying from starvation is very serious.

And we don't want to stand back and watch.

Read more about the humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa and our work alongside the most fragile people.

Help us save the lives of millions of people.

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With 19.6 euros, we can provide a person experiencing a severe food crisis with a minimal basket of basic items for one month, including flour, rice, and oil.

We can take care of a family of five for a month for less than 100 euros.







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Let's not stand back and watch

We have thus far worked to save lives and will continue to do so along the people who are striving ..

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