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12 May 2022
On May 19th 2022, in the splendid locations of Palazzo Pignatelli in Menfi and Palazzo Panitteri in ...
10 May 2022
In particularly vulnerable situations, concrete help to the local population can also get a “creati ...
28 April 2022
Artists and cultural enterprises in comparison between Africa and Europe This May, as part of the E ...
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Paolo Dieci
On 10 March 2019, Paolo Dieci, a founding member of CISP and its President, lost his life in a tragic air disaster in Ethiopia.
The International Committee for the Development of Peoples (CISP) is a civil society organisation that has been engaged in international cooperation and the fight against social exclusion since 1983.
For the implementation of our projects, CISP uses human resources selected on general criteria in consideration of the specific needs of each project. 
Support CISP projects to bring rights, change, sustainability

thematic areas

Ensuring access to care, prevention, and clean water for a dignified and safe life
Ensuring learning pathways, from basic to higher education for global citizenship.
Valuing culture as an opportunity for development and a tool for growing as individuals and communities
Sustainable land and resource management to preserve and improve the life of the planet and its inhabitants
Ensuring the right to humanitarian protection in crisis situations and protecting vulnerable groups and individuals to achieve equal opportunities for all people
Ensuring access to food, creating, and sustaining responsible productive activities and opportunities for economic growth to promote social justice
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