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CISP is an Association whose corporate bodies are:


 Maura Viezzoli

Director and legal representative

Alessandro De Luca

Board of directors

Silvia Declich, Maria Grazia Dente, Stefania Pace, Stefania Petrosillo

Control Committee

Alessandro Coppola, Stefano Vignolo e Gianni Massimo Zito

Executive Board

General Assembly

The General Assembly gathers at least once a year to deliberate on planning and the balance sheet. Every three years elects the President, the Director and Legal Representative, the members of the Board of Directors, appoints the Control Committee and confers the statutory audit mandate.

The Board of Directors supervises the work of operational structures, appoints the relevant managers, and takes various decisions of general importance.

The operational co-ordination of activities is ensured by the Executive Board, which is composed of the President, Director and other managers appointed by the Board of Directors.

Projects are coordinated at the Rome headquarters by the Geographical Area Directors: Laura Carraro, Africa; Luigi Grando, Latin America and the Caribbean; Deborah Rezzoagli, Eastern Europe and Asia; Gianluca Falcitelli, Middle East and the Mediterranean; Giordana Francia, Italy and the European Union.

To ensure a high level of operating quality and inter-institutional coordination, the CISP sets up local offices managed by the Country Representatives in the countries where we operate most intensively.

CISP also has regional offices in Italy to consolidate relations with the country and local institutions.

In 2022 the following people worked for CISP

of whom


in the Rome headquarters

of which 13 employees on permanent contracts and 1 on a fixed-term contract


in different countries


with roles involving management responsibilities


international operators with long-term contracts or consultancies