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TAKE PART (Towards Accountability through Kenyans’ Empowerment in Participation and Active Request for Transparency) is a project co-funded by the European Union. The project aims at enhancing the interface between state and non-state actors in Kenya, so as to strengthen the decentralization of governance of local development, through capacity building of civil society and the creation of citizen participation fora at all levels.

The project is currently implemented in the following areas: Mombasa, Kilifi, Taita Taveta and Kajiado Counties.


To contribute to the implementation of Kenya 2010 Constitution by supporting Civil Society members and County Authorities in the development of transparent and participatory decision-making processes at county level.


RESULT 1: Enhanced capacity of grassroots CSOs and Local Media (at least 40% women) in the targeted countie

s to influence decision-making and policies of devolved governance structures (at village, ward, constituency and county level).

RESULT 2: Enhanced capacity of County Authorities (at least 30% women) to facilitate inclusive governance, participatory planning & budgeting and social auditing.

RESULT 3: Established and supported effective public consultation/negotiation platforms for participatory decision-making from ward to county level.

RESULT 4: Local and national policies on devolution informed through an integrated information system fed by researches and best practices documentation.


It is implemented by: CISP (Comitato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo dei Popoli), PT (Pamoja Trust), and TUC (Tangaza University College).


160 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), 80 Governance experts (CSO and County Authorities), 60 High level county staff (30% women), 1650 Civil Society Representatives and Civil servants (at least 40% women), 80 Social editors, At least 30,000 Citizens.


Civic education

Strengthen the capacity of County Authorities to take up their role as duty bearers.
Strengthen capacity of Civil Society Organizations to take up their role as right holders and conduct civic education.
Enhance citizens’ awareness and knowledge on public matters and raise their voice on issues pertinent to their communities.
Build capacity of local editors and media representatives on investigating and reporting on matters related to local governance.

Public participation forums

Support County Executive Committees in establishment and rolling out Citizen Participation Forums.
Empower citizens to demand accountability from the county governments.
Support county governments in monitoring performance through county based social audits.
Support county governments establish feedback mechanisms, on service delivery for citizens.
Enhance media participation in creating awareness on platforms established, and ensure that citizen’s voices and concerns are discussed and disseminated.


Conduct a study to inform on s­elective citizen’s participation and consultation mechanisms.
Analyze best practices in delivery of devolved service.
Disseminate studies to inform policy and future programming.

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