Reviving culture, Building Peace in Mogadishu

  This project is funded by the European Union



The protracted conflict in Somalia has resulted in widespread destruction and looting of the Somali rich cultural heritage. In Mogadishu, sites of great national relevance both from a cultural and architectonic point of view have been severely damaged and neglected.

This project has stemmed from the understanding that cultural heritage is a mean to raise awareness on and to promote peace and dialogue among civil society members, including youth and women, as well as in enhancing citizenship, social unity and transformation.

This program, funded by the European Union and implemented by CISP in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education, Oxfam and SPL, will harness the power that cultural identity has in order to contribute to the peace building process and will support the safeguard of Somali’s cultural heritage.

This intervention will address three main areas:

  1. Building the capacity of Somali community to take the lead in protecting and promoting the revival of Somali culture.
  2. Supporting cultural understanding, unity, exchange and learning amongst education stakeholders and youth through a variety of arts and the adaptation of a culture and art archiving data base.
  3. Engage youth and women in trainings to improve their income generating opportunities.


To strengthen Somali community contribution to safeguarding and promoting Somali cultural heritage as a mean to increase sense of citizenship and promote sustainable development.

To contribute to promote peace through support to valorisation of culture amongst the community.


To build capacity of Somali community to increase sense of citizenship and employment opportunities for youth through promotion of cultural heritage in Mogadishu.


  • Rehabilitation of the Somali National Academy as a cultural centre.
  • Establishment and training of Task Force and Management Board.
  • Set up of poetry and art clubs in schools and including culture and arts in school curriculum.
  • Supporting youth to conduct cultural activities, exhibitions and publications.
  • Development of a archiving database for Somali cultural heritage sites and support inclusion of 1 site in the UNESCO cultural heritage sites list.
  • Training and employment of youth in relevant cultural skills and development of an employment promotion service.
  • Business trainings and start ups skills for women groups.


Somalia: Reviving culture, Building Peace_Interim report

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