Maximising the social and economic impact of Migration for a better future in Armenia



In a Country like Armenia, heavily dependent from remittances and recording around 700.000-1.300.00 people that have emigrated since the beginning of the nineties, it is important  to understand the link between migration and development in order to maximize  development potential of migration and the role of Diaspora for a sustainable development and poverty reduction.

CISP’ project “Maximising the social and economic impact of Migration for a better future in Armenia” was designed as a concrete and evaluable tool to support the development endeavours of Armenia, through:

  • a better use of the opportunities and potentials of migration;
  • the valorisation of the potential role of Diaspora for the development of the country;
  • an active involvement of national Civil Society Organizations (CSOs);
  • the fostering of the dialogue and collaboration between CSOs and public governmental bodies, at national and regional level;
  • the implementation of a pilot initiative that can generate immediate tangible results at the same time inspiring other future projects.

The dynamics of poverty reduction and migration are continuously evolving in Armenia, as a result of national and worldwide macro factors.

Armenia is currently witnessing a situation where:

  • migration and contributions from the Diaspora continue to be key factors to alleviate the crisis but need to be framed in a new and innovative strategy, since the traditional or survivalist coping mechanism of the remittances is also appearing weaker than years ago.
  • poverty reduction plans are constrained by unfavorable external factors .

It is bearing this problematic context in mind that the project design was led by the General Objective of contributing to the definition and implementation of an effective Migration and Development Policy in Armenia.  Within this global goal, the project intends (specific objective) to foster local development in Armenia by maximizing the positive social and economic impact of migration.

These objectives will be reached through an integrated strategy which will link the local / regional and the national levels, through activities identified for the achievement of three concrete results, namely:

  1.  Relevant Armenian national and local bodies strengthened in their capacity to elaborate, implement and eventually assess migration & development policy at local level
  2.  A local development project implemented through remittances and skills of Armenian Diaspora
  3.  Lessons learned formalized from the local development project in order to scale up its achievements and results

Project’s activities:

1.1 Assessment of migration and development policies at local and national level and implementation of a survey on migration and development experiences in Armenia

1.2 Definition of a capacity building strategy addressed to national and local policy officers in charge of migration and development policies and programmes

1.3 Training workshops with Armenian institutions, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Diaspora Representatives

1.4 Assessment and identification of international best practices and organization of exchanges of experiences / study tours

1.5  Elaboration and institutional endorsement of a plan of action on Migration and Development

2.1 Conducting a research on labor market, private investment opportunities and sectors with opportunities to grow in Lori Region

2.2  Identification and Formulation of a suitable local development project addressed to labour creation

2.3 Agreements between local institutions, Diaspora associations, CSOs

2.4 Project Implementation

2.5 Project Monitoring and Evaluation

3.1 Formulation of lessons learned from the local development project and recommendations for future actions

3.2 Public seminars to spread out achievements, results and recommendation

Direct beneficiaries:

Representatives of  national and local Armenian Institutions, Civil Society Organizations, Diaspora Organisations.

Unemployed youth and adults

Entrepreneurs in Lori Region

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