Per il CISP è una priorità informare l’opinione pubblica, sensibilizzarla su quanto avviene nei paesi poveri o colpiti da conflitti e portare alla luce le problematiche sociali italiane. Al tempo stesso, il CISP ritiene necessario dare conto di quanto in concreto realizza e quali risultati raggiunge. Le notizie e le valutazioni riportate dai mezzi di comunicazione sulle attività del CISP contribuiscono a rafforzare il legame con l’opinione pubblica, sia in Italia sia nei paesi dove opera. È per questo che il CISP incoraggia il mondo del giornalismo, l’opinione pubblica e la cittadinanza a chiedere informazioni, approfondimenti e una valutazione del suo operato. Si tratta di una scelta di trasparenza e apertura che fa parte dell’identità del CISP come Organizzazione della società civile.

Presentation of the Book,  “Stories of Girls and Women in Mogadishu”  at NGO CSW NY
15 March 2017

Saturday March 18, 2017 

CISP will present, at NGO CSW NY (NGO Committee on the Status of Women, New York),  its recent publication, the Book, "Stories of Girls and Women in Mogadishu".

This publication, has been produced by CISP within the Somalia Program.

CISP and partners has been dedicating their efforts to supporting empowerment and protection of women and girls in Somalia. Currently education programs for girls and women, gender-based violence prevention and care, mother and child health, nutrition and culture for peace projects are being implemented in various areas of Somalia.

During many years of engagement in this sector we realised that women and girls have strong passions, ideas and hopes for the future of Somalia. Their voices as agents of change and as inspiration, not only for other women in the country but for a wider audience, have not been captured and heard enough. Following the example of many other compilations of women’s voices, writings and stories all over the world, the idea behind this project is to create an avenue for women and girls in Mogadishu in which to experience

(a) freedom of voicing their memories and ideas,

(b) the healing effect of reflecting on their own stories, and

(c) the inspiring, transformational power of envisioning a possible future of peace for themselves and other women (and men) in Somalia.

 Storytelling and sharing contribute to increased understanding and empathy, build identity, offer positive role models, enhance self-awareness, self-confidence and communication skills, while creating opportunities for awareness raising and participation.

We hope this book may also be a tool for education and advocacy and contribute to reviving a culture of peace and to protecting women and girls in Somalia and in the world. A Somali version is coming up, as well as guided readings and theatre plays aimed at spreading the stories to a wider public, in schools and other selected places.

This book is dedicated to all the people of Somalia.

Rosaia Ruberto - Regional Coordinator

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